A Glue in Action

We don't just say it works underwater, we prove it.

Made for direct underwater use, in fresh, sea (salt) and chlorine water as adhesive, grouting or sealant.

Yes you can call it the perfect underwater glue and sealant to fix a pool!

Win Win Win:

Since 2010 Underwater Magic Glue and Sealant keeps the costs of pool repair very low. Pool owners around the world trust Underwater Magic Glue and Sealing for all kinds of repair in and around their pools underwater and in wet areas. Thousands of swimming pools are fixed for less than 100 Euros.

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Does your pool make you smile?


Your pool is the relaxing area at your house, a broken pool is unsightly and could of course be dangerous. The cost of water , the time and money spent emptying your swimming pool for repairs makes your eyes water, especially now, as water is in such short supply! Fixing a pool underwater can be as easy as 1-2-3 and the fun is back faster than you think.
If you are looking for a swimming pool repair adhesive, what is capable to seal leaks, reseal skimmer, replace grouting, seal the transition area of your pool or a swimming pool tile repair glue which enables you to direct repair underwater: we have the answer - and it works just like a magic glue! Underwater Magic™ Adhesive & Sealant is an extremely strong single component adhesive and sealant specially developed for the entire pool and spa area, making it the perfect swimming pool glue. Underwater Magic™ has been designed for a wide variety of tasks for indoor , outdoor, above ground and inground swimming pools and spas. 100% chlorine and salt water resistant, enabling you to fix and repair underwater. It’s instantly waterproof, free from isocyanate & solvents, it's odourless and it's 100% silicone free!

You can use it for swimming pool repairs, fiberglass pool repairs, liner pool repairs, Tile pool repair and for nearly anyything in and around your pool.

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